Party Planning Checklist

All of the hard work is done before any event. Planning ahead is the best way to ensure a successful, stress free event.

Helpful Hint #1: As your event day approaches you may have to start eliminating pre-planned Event Day Activities from your list, because time is running out and you only have so much time to prepare. It’s OK, eliminate the least important, or most time-consuming activity and go from there. No one will know the difference but you!

Helpful Hint #2: You may also find that some Event Day Activities you spent the most time preparing for get the least participation by your guests, or they just don’t go as planned. Rest assured this happens to the best Event Planners in the business. Things happen that are out of your control. Party fowl is inevitable. You just have to Roll With It! If something doesn’t seem to be clicking with your guests, stay positive, move on and keep the party going!

Helpful Hint #3: And on that note….always have a back-up Activity or two planned. Just in case an Activity plays out a lot faster than you planned, or one just doesn’t seem to be vibing with the crowd. Don’t be afraid to cut the Activity short and go to your next Activity.

Below is a complete Party Planning Checklist that you can use for any upcoming event so you are well prepared. The good news is that it’s ready to print and use! Just print this page.

Or, get a full-sized 8 1/2″ x 11″ print of just the image below by hovering your mouse over the image, right Click and a pop up box will appear. Select “Open image in new tab” and you will see a new tab that will appear in your tab selection at the top of the page. Click on the new tab and you will see a full view of the list below. On your keypad press the Control (ctrl) key and the letter “p” at the same time. A pop-up box will appear, Click “Print”.

Or just save the image to your phone and print later.

Enjoy your special day!

Keepsake Crafter