Keepsake Crafting 4 Seniors

Keepsake Crafting 4 Seniors

Your senior years are the perfect time to get back to crafting!

In the younger decades of life, we are busy building our lives.  First educating ourselves as children and young adults.  If we’re lucky we go on to higher education, or by chance or choice we may bypass this option and go straight to work.  Learning through self-education and hard work.  We build our lives.   We build our careers, raise children, take care of our families, get involved in the community.  We have very little time for doing crafting projects.

When we do take the time to get creative, it’s usually for a special occasion, or crafting projects we do with the children in our lives.  We certainly don’t have time to create something for ourselves.

Many seniors find themselves with time to fill in their lives, and making something with their hands is a great way to fill it!   Creativity stimulates the mind, and keeping the mind active is so very important for a senior’s cognitive health.  Cognitive health is the ability to clearly think, learn and remember.  Crafting is a fun way to stimulate the brain!

Seniors can also use crafting as a way to tune back in to the things they’ve learned during their lifetime and share them with others.   They have a life-long knowledge base that needs to be shared with the next generation.  I was lucky enough to have my grandparents in my life into my 20’s.  The things they shared with me I will carry with me always.   My grandmother was a crafter, so my love of crafting is inherited.

Crafting is also a great way to give back!  There are many crafting projects that seniors can Create & Donate

Here is a link to a page I created with ideas for Seniors to Create & Donate:

Create & Donate Ideas 4 Seniors

Unfortunately, as we get older, our hands and fingers may not work as well as they used to.  The good news is there are plenty of fun crafting projects that can be altered to fit the capabilities of the person doing to crafting.

I am looking forward to sharing some tips on Crafting with Seniors, and having a selection of Keepsake Crafting Kits, and tutorials for this section!

Seniors have a special place in my heart 😊.

Keepsake Crafter