Kid’s Party Game – Whisker Says!

Kids Party Game – Whisker Says!

This is a fun game that can be made to fit any theme by using a theme related picture.   In this case we’re using a Cat face!

Things you will need:

  • 1 piece of white poster board
  • 5 Large 4″ x 6″ unlined index cards – choose a color that matches your theme
  • Scissors
  • Permanent black marker
  • X-acto knife
  • Clear Contact paper or laminating if available

Before the event you’ll have to make the Game Board:

  1. Cut a 16” x 16” square from the piece of white poster board.
  2. Draw a very simple, but large Cat face on it, then cut it out.  A quick Google image search and you will find a million cat face ideas, like this one: 
  3. Cut out trim for the ears from your remaining poster board, then glue them on.
  4. Add the eyes, nose and mouth to your Cat with the black marker.  You can add color if you have the time, and want to get really creative!
  5. This next step is to create a place on your cat face to insert some paper Whiskers.  You are going to need to carefully slice 1 ¼” lines where you want your Whiskers.  Use your cat face picture as a guide to decide where the Whiskers should be placed.  The picture above has 3 Whiskers on each side of it’s face, this is where  you place your slices.  You decide what looks best for your Cat face.
  6. Lay the Cat face on a dry, clean cutting board.  Using the X-acto knife, or other sharp knife, carefully slice three 1 ¼” slits on each of the Cat’s cheeks.  We’ll call these Whisker Slots.  Use your picture guide to decide where to place the Whisker Slots.  This is where you’d slice:
  7. Notice that you want to make your slices, so that when you slide in the Whiskers they are going in the direction you want them.  The slice is perpendicular to the direction you want your Whiskers to go.  I hope this makes sense.

Now to make the Whiskers:

  1. Cut 1″ x 6″ long strips from of the index cards, you will get 4 strips per index card.
  2. On each Whisker write a different activity such as “Crawl Like a Baby”, “Playing the Guitar”, “Playing Soccer”,  “Flying a Kite”, “Dance Hip, Hop Style”, “Driving a Car”, “Ice Skating”, etc.  With 5 index cards, you will have 20 different activities to come up with.  These will be slid into the 6 slices on the cat face.  You will have multiple Whiskers in each Whisker-slot.

To protect your game:

  1. Laminate the Cat face and each of the Whiskers, if you have access to a laminating machine.  You can usually get this done at a local office supply store.   Or use Clear Contact paper to cover both sides of the Cat and each of the Whiskers.
  2. Carefully re-cut each Whisker Slot on the Cat’s cheeks.
  3. Gather all of your supplies and put them together in a bag so you are ready to play.

At game time:

  1. Lay the Cat Face game board on a table.
  2. Slide the Whiskers into the Whisker Slots.
  3. Gather the children around the table and have one of the children start by pulling out one Whisker.  Have them read what Whisker is telling them to do. (You may need to help the player read the action)
  4. Now the child must act out the action to the other players, and the other players must try and guess what action the child is acting out.
  5. Whoever guesses what the action is takes the next turn pulling out a whisker and acting out the action. Play continues in this way until everyone has had a chance to play, or the children are ready to move on to the next activity.